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       "Freedom Outreach" is driven by the fact that it has been called to reach out to a lost and dying world. We are dedicated to bring the experience of knowing Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to your own backyard. Our goal is to break the chains and tear down the walls that are between Christian denominations. By accomplishing this we hope to bring everyone together in unity for one purpose; to glorify the name, Jesus Christ!

"Freedom Outreach" is dedicated to making an impact on the generation of tomorrow by reaching out to the generation of today. By the manifestations and power of the Holy Spirit, through the ministry of music, praise, and worship, we will edify and equip today's generation for tomorrow.

Our divine vision is to spread the Holy gospel of Jesus Christ to the ends of the earth.


Urgent Needs

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Do you feel a need in your church or community? You may feel something is missing. By contacting us you have taken the first step into waking up a town, saving souls, proclaiming the name of Jesus, and putting a spark back in the Church. Don't wait another day.